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I found this little gem on 25 FREE MAC Apps. Since I'm a PC girl I really can't give you a review of yeah I use this one or that one is a waste of time but I thought I would pass them on to our MAC users. If your one of our MAC users and you have used one of the apps let us know if its good or bad or what you think.

Here are the quick rundown of the apps

  1. aLunch - helps you get all your apps organized and get an uncluttered dock.
  2. Kuler, the web-hosted application for generating color themes.
  3. Name Changer is a very straightforward and simple tool that will help you rename batches of files without the hassle of Automator or Photoshop batch change
  4. YemuZip is a more powerful Zip-archive application that with a simple drag and drop interface, makes creating zip files an easy task.
  5. Dateline gives you a linear calendar on your desktop within a transparent window.
  6. DropBox is by far the easiest way to share files if you are on a low budget and do not want to be bothered with server side issues when sharing files with clients.
  7. Quicksilver is a powerful application launcher, an application that will create catalogs of your frequently used apps, folders and documents.
  8. iClockr is a small application that tracks your work time.
  9. Caffeineprevents your mac of going to sleep, dimming the screen and avoids the screen savers to start.
  10. iToolis a free application that offers a complete system maintenance and cleaning.
  11. The Unarchiver It allows you to extract many more file formats besides the .zip, such as .tar-gzip, .tar-bzip2, .rar, 7-zip, .lhA and stuffIt.
  12. Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of web-pages
  13. AllBookmarks is a small menu bar item that provides you with a quick access to your browser's bookmarks.
  14. DockSpaces is a small application that allows you to have up to 10 different docks, and swap them from the menu bar.
  15. TaskMate is a very simple and light task management application. Create a task, check it off when completed and it disappears from your list.
  16. Symbol Caddy Dashboard widget keeps a bunch of common special characters at your fingertips. Keyboard mode copies the special character and HTML mode copies the HTML entity code.
  17. iZoom is a simple application designed to allow you to easily resize and crop your photos for optimized display on your iPod photo, on the web, or in email messages to friends.
  18. Jumpcut is an application that provides "clipboard buffering” — that is, access to text that you've cut or copied, even if you've subsequently cut or copied something else.
  19. Name Mangler is a batch file renamer that supports all common renaming tasks: Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions); Number Sequentially; Change Case; Set Extension; Add Prefix/Suffix; Remove/Insert Characters.
  20. Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP-client and also a WebDAV, Mosso Cloud Files and AmazonAmazon S3 browser for the Mac.
  21. TextWrangler is the powerful general purpose text editor, and Unix and server administrator's tool.
  22. Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications.
  23. Gmail Notifr sends you notifications about the received e-mails and other events in your Google account.
  24. MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your Mac OS X computer, be it PowerBook or iMac.

You can read more about each app and even see screen shots of them all here:

25 Free Mac Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

I know your thinking but you only listed 24 above well here is what 25 was

25. And so many more!

Our friends from have recently published The Ultimate Mac Setup For Web Designers: 60 Apps and 60 Open Source and Free Mac Apps which cover dozens of extremely useful and powerful applications that you can download and use for free. You can also check out the list of open source Mac applications on

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wow they all look really cool! i'm PC too though.
~karma: i'm countin on it~

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