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Do you miss the menu from Office 2003 & earlier?

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I know I do. I do not Heart the menu in Office 2007. I mean I spent most of my God given life navigating the old menu. What in the world would make Mr. Gates think that we wanted to learn a completely absurd and utterly ridiculous new menu setup? (this states my opinion of course... no scientific studies have been done on the absurdity of the new menu)
Well UBitMenu will make your old Office menu magically appear in your Office 2007! Applause This nifty little download puts an extra tab in your new menu that causes the old menu to appear. The new menu also remains for those of us that don't live in complete denial of change and would like to slowly learn the new process, but sometimes don't have the time or patience to search for the "new" way to do something that we could do in our sleep the old way! I must say, I do not completely loathe the extra "save as" options in Office 2007, and neither does UBitMenu... those options remain as options.
(it's almost like they can read my mind Love Struck)

As much as I hate to admit it... It's probably not a horrible idea to learn the 2007 way if you work in a field where it may help you if you happen to ever find yourself searching for a new job... ya know, cause our economy is kinda Thumbs Down

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Re: Do you miss the menu from Office 2003 & earlier?

See I like the menu in 2007. When I first got it I was like WTF but as soon as you figure it out you find it shows more and it does end up working nicer. I say embrace 2007 because its not long before 2010 comes out and were all screwed again

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