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Do Black Girls make sexy nerds ?

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So im asking this bc duh, Im black; n 2nd im beging 2 b such a nerd `nowadays`. I just wanna kno if guys think that black girls r capable of still being sexy, while still being a nerd!!! Laughing just gotta know "8]:

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Re: Do Black Girls make sexy nerds ?

I know lots of sexy nerdy black girls ! I think anyone can be a sexy nerd no mater what color. I'm hispanic and think I'm pretty sexy. Tongue

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Re: Do Black Girls make sexy nerds ?

ALL nerdy girls are hot no matter the ethnicity!! So tired of shallow "hip" bar fly chicks!

Re: Do Black Girls make sexy nerds ?

Men are staight dogs. Especially in my neighborhood. I live in a pretty ruff neighborhood. You'll see allot of niggaz hanging on the corner with they pants hanging down low and allot of hoes walking down the streets in booty shorts. The way I see it is if a beautiful black nerdy girl came walking down the street, shes gonna attract attention. That's when one of the hood rich b-boys comes in and snatches you up and takes you shopping. Boy's don't give a eff about your personality or the way you dress. All they want is whats under them clothing. The only people I know whom don't care too much about girls are nerds. They've been cooped up so long in their moms basement jacking off to what they wish they have, and never really try and change their apperence to pull more. But good luck getting them to talk to you without getting nervious, that is if your beautiful in the eyes of others and not in the eyes of the beholder (you).

And just to let you know out of probably 4,000 black girls I've got to know on a more personal and intement level in my lifetime, only one of them go against the laws of black gutter girls or just black girls in general. In my city the only place where you'll see white people is on our College Campus. And you'll see allot of black girls mixed in with white girls but no actual nerds, just black girls wishing they where white. Then you've got the dozens of ghetto's sprawed all across the city I live in. All filled with hoes. This one girl was raised in the same neighborhood as I was.... Keep in mind I'm white. She is truly beautiful, yet she is more geeky than me. Idk why this is though, maybe its just that she spends all of her time inside drawing anime, and I spend all of my time outside on the block.

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