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OK here is a interesting site DirtyPhoneBook where you can put in a person's phone number and write a comment about them. All comments are uncensored and anonymous. Needless to say you could have some fun here.

From looking around I would say alot of folks add their own phone number and do a sexual bragging. I checked my phone number and it was good to go. Smile I'm wondering if you comment with a phone number if it then makes the phone number searchable on google?

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Re: DirtyPhoneBook

This feels a little bit like a real-life Chat Roulette to me because you can hit the random number button and then just call anybody you want. It's pretty funny.

Some of the comments are messed up, but I'm not one for being politically correct so I don't let that bother me.

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Re: DirtyPhoneBook

I'd be ok with this website if they didn't steal my information. I have no slanderous comments on my page yet someone posted my full name and facebook profile, serving up my private information like chocolate cake at a birthday party. I just want my information removed... They haven't responded to any of the emails I've sent over the past YEAR. It's getting quite frustrating and if you hear of anyone who has successfully taken down their information, please let me know!!

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Re: DirtyPhoneBook

This distasteful site enables cyber bullies as well as spammers.

I would encourage anyone who has unwanted information on this site to email the host.

SoftLayer Technologies Inc. is the name of the company that hosts this site.
Try emailing abuse @ or checking for more information on

If SoftLayer Technologies Inc cares about their reputation enough they may just quit offering their services to the owners of the site.

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