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Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup

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Windows doesn't make finding it's own Cleanup Utility very easy, does it? So your friends here on GeekDrop are going to show you how to quickly create a shortcut to it right on your desktop, which of course can then be moved wherever else you want it, if not on the Desktop. So, here are the steps to Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup:

Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup - Right click desktop
First step, just right-click on your Windows Desktop and choose New | Shortcut.


Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup - Browse or type the path
Type or paste the path to the Windows Disk Cleanup Utility, this is where Microsoft throws us a curve - the actual file name is "cleanmgr.exe" Frustrated , so just paste this into the line: "C:\Windows\System32\cleanmgr.exe" or if you prefer you can use the Browse button to select it from the same location.


Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup - Type the name
Now type or paste the name of the shortcut, you'll probably want to use "Windows Disk Cleanup", but you can use anything you want, really.


Create a Shortcut to Windows Disk Cleanup - Final Result
Tada! Now you have yourself a nice little shortcut right to the Disk Cleanup utility. Thumbs Up


Now that you know how to access Windows Disk Cleanup quickly and easily, you should probably have a look at our tutorial on How to do a Disk Cleanup and Defragment. Have fun!

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