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How can I run multiple programs with one shortcut (for games)?

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Hello! I play games a lot and when I do I almost always need to start at least 3 programs each time. The game itself, Teamspeak and Dxtory. Can anyone help me find a way to start all of them at once with a single shortcut or click? A launcher app or something? I would be MOST grateful!

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Re: How can I run multiple programs with one shortcut (for ...

Certainly! Very simple too, no separate program needed, just good ol' Windows Notepad, or any other text editor that you may prefer. You just make a small .BAT (batch) file. Like this:

@echo off
start "SWTOR" /Min "H:\Games\SWTOR\launcher.exe"
start "TS3" /Min "H:\Program Files\Voice Apps\TeamSpeak\ts3client_win64.exe"
start "DXtory" /Min "E:\Program Files\Video\Dxtory\Dxtory.exe"

You can add any number of programs or games that you want to auto-launch, just follow the pattern for the three I gave in the example. Here's a short description of what does what ...

  • @echo off means to not show the text that may show up in the command window. Makes it a little cleaner looking, IF you happen to get a quick look at the command window.
  • "start" is a command Windows recognizes to start a program.
  • The next word in quotes is the title of the command window for that program. It can be anything you want and you pretty much won't even see it, but it's required. (actually it's not required but if you don't put something there chances are strong you'll run into a problem. You can even leave them as empty quotes of you really want to.
  • The /Min is a command line parameter or "switch", which tells the Start command to make the command window minimized on launch. It's just nicer looking.
  • Next, you paste the full windows path to the program or game.
  • Finally, "exit" tells the start command to close the command window so that it's not just hanging around once you no longer need it (your other programs will stay running).

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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Re: How can I run multiple programs with one shortcut (for ...


Nice tutorial you have there... keep it up

Thank You

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