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can't access apps on sd card after updating Android

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I have a T Mobile LG Optimus phone, with Android 2.1.  I had moved every app possible to the sd card but the internal memory was always running low, so I used z4root to root it and had planned to get rid of some of the bloatware I don't use (most of what came on the phone).  I used titanium backup to backup everything I wanted to un-install, did the uninstalls and after trying to reboot, the phone would not get past the ANDROID opening screen.  Both soft and hard resets did nothing.  I finally found upgrade software on the LG Optimus site and used my computer to install that and the phone now at least runs, with 2.2.  However, I can't get it to recognize the apps I had on the sd card at all; yet if I try to redownload them and install, it reminds that they are stored on my sd card.  I don't mind reloading everything but then that's just more room taken up on my sd card.  When I go into the Show Apps screen, when I click on the sd card it shows absolutely nothing.  I tried backing up the card to my computer, reformatting the card in the phone and then recoyping it all back over.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the change in Android?  Do I just have to reformat the card and start over with the apps?

Also, I'd still like to eventually repeat the rooting/un-installing of junk; however obviously I got rid of something necessary to the sytem.  Is there a list somewhere to help me figure out what the necessities are so it doesn't happen again?

btw, both Titanium backup and z4root were on the phone's memory so those are no longer present, to interfere with the sd card or anything AFAIK, although I guess the backup files were put on the card.

thanks from an obvious non-geek about phones.

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Re: can't access apps on sd card after updating Android

Laughing, well first off, you sound the exact opposite of a non-geek. Smile

So in that sense i won't really "dumb" my repy down too much since I think you'll know what I'm talking about, but if not, just ask what i mean and I'll explain more, Laughing.


so I used z4root to root it and had planned to get rid of some of the bloatware I don't use (most of what came on the phone). I used titanium backup to backup everything I wanted to un-install, did the uninstalls and after trying to reboot, the phone would not get past the ANDROID opening screen.

Just for future reference, the rule of thumb when removing bloatware, or any other software that comes stock on an android device is instead of uninstalling / removing it, use Titanium BackUp's (TB) "Freeze" option instead. This essentially acts the same as uninstalling it (makes it unavailable to the system, etc.) without actually uninstalling it. It'll still take up the same space on your device though, so what you do is freeze it, use your phone (or "device") for a while to see if it had any ill effects, and THEN if nothing bad happened, go ahead and uninstall it to free up the space. Of course you'll still want to back it up with TB first just in case you ever decide you want it back later. if Freezing the app does cause problems you can just Unfreeze it again with TB and all is back the way it was before.

It looks like you're using "Froyo" (Android 2.2) and I remember having that same problem with apps that were moved to my SD Card "magically uninstalling" themselves when they were actually still on the SD Card. The only reliable way to fix it was to uninstall and re-install each one, only to have it happen again sometime later. After moving to a minimum of "Gingerbread" (Android 2.3) it hasn't happened again. At this point since you don't mind starting fresh I'd seriously consider rooting your phone again (you already know how to do that so I won't go into detail), installing ROM Manager, and once that's installed you can also install it's "Clockwork Mod" (CWM) with it, which will let you do ROM backups (they call them "Nandroid backups") and install new ROMS real easily. You can also clear your data and cache partitions with it, as well as do permissions fixing. All things you'll find that you'll probably be doing more than once for fixing problems like Force Closing apps, etc.

So, once you've got CWM installed, for a very good starting ROM I'd highly recommend the most popular one, "Cyanogen Mod" (CM). I've played around with more ROMs than you can shake a stick at, on multiple Android devices and have come to the conclusion that it's the CM and CM based ROMs that are the most reliable and just plain nice, and it looks like they might have one for you phone. You can check here: Cyanogen Mod Downloads. Most CM ROMs are a minimum of Gingerbread, and some go up to "Ice Cream Sandwich" (ICS) (Android 4.0) and even "Jellybean" (JB) (Android 4.1) on the absolute latest as of right now.

Once you've got a newer ROM installed, like CM, I would just do a fresh format of your SD Card and install all of your apps fresh as well. If you have any data that you want to re-install from the apps on your original phone, "data" meaning any personal settings from certain apps, customizations, etc., you can try using TB to restore just the data for those apps. Before doing that I would recommend using CWM to do one of those Nandroid backups of your freshly installed ROM first though, so in case of it screwing anything up you can very easily just go back to how it was before.

You should be all set once you do that stuff. After you get all settled in and things working well, you can even take it a step further and use an excellent app named Link2SD to move basically everything to your SD Card to free up all of that internal memory. I've installed it on all of my devices and have been using it for a long time now. It's great. We'll be doing a tutorial on how to use it in the near future. Smile

Hope I didn't confuse ya, if ya have any problems, just let us know. Smile

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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