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Can Your Facebook Cost You Opportunities?

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Well you hear about kids that don't get accepted into colleges because when they were investigated they were found not to be such the perfect person. There has also been jobs either lost or passed by because of ones facebook. So it leads to a whole thinking who do you befriend on facebook (or any social site) and what do you post.

Yesterday on my news website they talked about 2 police deputy's that were fired for what they posted on their facebooks and one demoted

Facebook leads to deputy's demotion

There is a photo of him wearing a skull cap with the words ‘Punishment' on it. The comment on it reads, "It's not crime fighting...It's dealing out PUNISHMENT."

Deputy Raban told investigators he was inspired by Batman and the Punisher cartoon characters. He referred to other comments as bad jokes like this one referencing an injured suspect: "...But like a good batterer I know the areas that hide the marks well."

Ok you have to wonder what they were thinking when posting things like that. But I have to admit I have seen some pictures on facebook, myspace and on a few other sites that make you wonder what is in their heads for posting it. Last year there was a mayor that was fired after posting pictures of her in her bra and panties on a firetruck (taken while in office)....niceeeeeeeeeeee (yes she has the body for it but still) That was on myspace and not Facebook.

So with this in mind or just plain common sense do you all watch what you post not only picture wise but in writing? Or are you in the boat of "love me or hate me but this is me"?

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Re: Can Your Facebook Cost You Opportunities?
Well I would never post a pic on any site unless its fit for the world to see, period. As far as who I befriend, well I'm cautious there also, I have 3 co-workers on my page but they are limited to what they can see, there was one who is actually in upper management that I befriended but that was a mistake. I hadn't realized the capabilities of Facebook at that stage so I didn't know I could block him from seeing pretty much anything so I deleted him. I did get a kinda strange look from him a couple of days later, cos I'm sure he was wondering "huh? what the heck did I do on her?" but I don't care. Also I would never have a "love" interest on MS or Facebook either, I can only see that tanking real fast, so it's only "friends" or "ex" boyfriends that I'm still friendly with, that I have on my pages. Big Grin

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