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C++ as a first language

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Our children's future:

me: "if (You.Eat(Food.Vegetables(PlateList.GetByOwner(You)), EQ_ALL) You.Eat(Food.Desert(PlateList.GetByOwner (You)), EQ_ALL);"
son: "this->HATE(Food.Vegetables);"

me: "You.Hug(You.Mother) && You.Go(Bed.GetByOwner(You))" son: "== false; Television_Show.Favorites(GetByOwner(this)).IsOn() == true;"
me: "ASSERT(You.Go(Bed), "YOUR arse IS GRASS!");"

son: "SubmitQuery(this->parent, this->Go(House.GetByOwner(this->GetBestFriend())));"
me: "return (You.Homework(

Of course, Their first words will have to be "this->Mother;"

**I found this funny at

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Re: C++ as a first language

Ok that is funny but you know sad but I bet this is true talk. I know that there are times I IM with my oldest. Sometimes I can tell something is wrong with him and I'll ask him if everything is ok. He will reply "no but I dont want to talk about it" so what do you do? Well he will go in his room shut the door and then I can generally log into my IM (windows live messenger) and we will have the best chats. Its like he can't talk to me but he can IM back and forth and its much easier. Kids are funny now days. So I'll spend a hour talking with him then he'll finally come from his room and give me a big hug and say thanks and we'll continue talking. I'll also say that in the evening alot of time I'll be working (as in job working on my pc) and it will be time for the kids to go to bed so I'll IM my son (since he is on chatting with his friends):

MOM: Hey XXXX its 10pm school tomorrow so goodnight time to shut down
SON: =[[ come on 5 more mins pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
MOM : OK 5 more then you need to shut down
SON: {goofy face emoticon he uses}

5 min later mom gets up off her butt to makes sure son hasn't hidden his status and/or blocked mom to chat longer with friends ;-)

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Re: C++ as a first language
:rollinglaugh: Yea, the cheerleader finds the need to text/call me from her ROOM! Um I live in a little baby 2 bedroom rowhome... I could hear her if she yelled, nonetheless, walked her butt to her door and opened it. But. NOPE. the cell phone is used. *shrugs* No biggie I guess.

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