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Blackberry Tips and Tricks

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For the pearl 8100
To navigate easier:
- Press and hold down the * button to lock phone. To unlock press * and green call button.

- Press and hold down the # button to put tone on vibrate. Press and hold down # button again to switch back to tone.

- Use your side keys! They're also known as convenience keys. You can change what application they open by doing this:
- Press your menu button.
- Click on options>screen/keyboard
- Scroll down to where it says right convenience key and select the application you want that button to open. Then afterwards do the same with the left convenience key, only choosing a different application.

Now you access your favorite applications with the touch of a button.

For Any Blackberry

Switch to another program:
Hold down the Alt key and press the Escape (back) button. Continue to hold the Alt key and pressing the Escape button until you reach the desired application.

Composing texts or emails:
To start another sentence, press the spacebar twice. This will also insert a period at the end of the previous sentence.

To use a special character or accent, hold down the appropriate letter and use the trackball to the character or accent you want.

To capatalize a letter, hold down the appropriate letter until the letter becomes capatalized.

To cleanup or provide better speed:
- The blackberry records all activity on a log, almost like virtual memory for a PC. To clear this log, you hold down the alt key (the button with the two arrows on it going up and down) and you type L G L G and you should be taken to the activity log. Then press the menu button and select clear log>delete.

- Make sure you always clear your browser cache in order to experience the best web browsing. To this follow these instructions:

- Press your menu button. Start up your browser. Hit your menu button and select options>cache options. Press clear for everything listed. *please not this will erase you most recent visited sites, so do not delete if you won't remember the site's name afterwards. Press back button and display message will pop up indicating that its cleaning memory. Once its gone, you can continue surfing web as usual.

These are just a few tips to give you peace of mind. Feel free to add on as you see fit.

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Re: Blackberry Tips and Tricks

hehe, i love my blackberry...

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Re: Blackberry Tips and Tricks

Me too - I have the blackberry curve (the new one that just came out for Nextel)

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