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BF3 Coupon codes - Discount

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So I'm excited to get BF3 but hate dropping $60 on a video game, does anyone know of any current coupon codes or discounts that I can use when I purchase it online? (For PC)

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Re: BF3 Coupon codes - Discount

You just need to get creative ... Wink You can get a 20% discount promo code at any time.

If you use the customer support link on the Origin website, get in chat with them, give them some sort of story and ask for a promo code, chances are they'll probably give ya one. It's all about sales to them, so even if they take a small "hit" on a sale, it's still a sale whereas there may have not been a sale at all. I just did it myself, so here's proof (and I don't really feel too guilty since I really was on the fence about buying it right now, with my pre-ordered SWTOR already on the burner, hehe. I'm a Battlefield Franchise addict so I would've eventually bought it, but if they were willing to sweeten the deal right now to convince me ...)

How to get a BF3 promo code ANY time

I blurred out the CS Rep's name so s/he don't get in any possible trouble, since s/he was nice enough to give me a promo code.

BF3 Promo Code trick

And walah .. 20% off, with a free limited edition BF3 poster to boot. Applause Some people call this "social engineering" *cough* Mitnick *cough* Wink

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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