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Best Gaming Speakers

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So I've finally decided to get a new set of speakers for my computer. I do alot of gaming and listening to music on them, often LOUD Smile I'm not trying ot spend a ton of money on them though either because I know that you can get excellent quality sound out of very low priced budget sound systems, but I don't knwo what the best are these days. Does anyone know what the best sounding, budget computer speakers are these days?

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Re: Best Gaming Speakers

well, i've bought to comp systems that i like. the first was a monsoon 2.1 comp set. the best speakers ever... cost about 100 too, but since monsoon has kicked the bucket ages ago, they will be hard to find, especially since people hold on to em. the other ones are a pair of laptop 2.1 britz, theyre small but they pack decent power and cost about 65 us. the monsoons and the britz though they are sold in korea, not sure where else so it might be hard to get ^^;;

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