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Are Your "Secret Questions" Too Easily Answered?

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This thought has actually crossed my mind on several occasions. I mean think about it, don't some of your friends, family and even casual acquaintances sometimes know your middle name or your pets name or even where you went to school? I know there are some sites where you can actually write your own security question, maybe all sites should be doing the same thing!

"Research finds that the answers to secret questions used to retrieve forgotten passwords are easily guessed.

Brian Green's experience with not-so-secret questions began when he logged on to his World of Warcraft account in March of this year and found all of his characters in their underwear. Someone had stolen the account and sold off all of his virtual equipment.

"My first thought was that I might have a keylogger on my computer," Green wrote in a description of the event. Yet his own research into the incident--and the attacker's ability to change his account passwords multiple times--led Green, who is himself a game designer, to a different conclusion: "My 'secret question' has an all-too-common answer . . . This wasn't something I considered when I filled it out way back when."

Read the article here

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Re: Are Your "Secret Questions" Too Easily Answered?
Ok you have to laugh that they made his character naked - but yeah I bet that pissed him off. I agree they generally all ask the same stupid question. I like when sites let you make up questions - I always do a off the wall one that no one would guess, heck I don't even think my family could get some of them right
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Re: Are Your "Secret Questions" Too Easily Answered?
I always answer the question as if it were worded different. If it's a "first" I answer with "second"... my second type of car rather than first.
If it's a "you/your" I answer with "your mother"... my mom's pet's name, not mine or where she was born.

Do a little dance...
Do a little dance...

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Re: Are Your "Secret Questions" Too Easily Answered?

Oh man, I would be incredibly irked if all of my gear and gold went missing. Just goes to show how much time is wasted in Azeroth. Nerd
About the secret questions, I'd be surprised if they got passed the birthday I put down first. Even I don't remember it!

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