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AWESOME video of New York City recorded from a remote controlled hobby airplane

Everyone should take a minute to check this video out, it's unbelievable. It flies in places that no regular airplane can fly at times, all recorded from a small, RC Airplane.


Trappy was able to successfully fly an RC airplane over New York City capturing such iconic landmarks as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. He made sure to make the flight between 7am and 8am to avoid air traffic.

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Barbie Got A Boob Job

So what do you think? Sending the wrong message to the kiddos or ehh who cares? Sexy or not sexy?

It's from their new line "Barbie Basics" and parents are up in arms over it saying it says the wrong message.

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How To Fix A Broken Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster

Remember at Christmas (2009) well Zhu Zhu pets were the hottest thing on the market at Christmas. Well it seams that quite a few are dying and the little wheels are no longer moving.

zhuzhu zhu zhu pets broken toys how to fix

Ok so if your child is left looking sad with a broken Zhu Zhu pet then there is a possible fix for it.

  • Unscrew the battery access screw.
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