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How to stop young kids going on Facebook in order to understand?

Hello, I'm new here, and I have a question for u: How can u stop kids to go on Facebook if they aren't too careful going on? and how will these kids avoid to unknown users or strangers on Facebook?

How do i tell my godsister that it's dangerous or bad to go on Facebook? She's only 10 yrs old. I'm a concerned god-sister who loves her godsister and doesn't want to see her get hurt. please respond!

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Little Boy & Dad having a HARD face slapping contest. Do you think this is child abuse? (Video)

Here's a video of a very little boy having a slap contest with his father. In this day and age of political correctness, over-protectivness, and the eagle eye on everything everyone does, would you consider this funny, or child abuse? If you saw this in person would you laugh or call child protective services?

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Kids with AMAZING voices

This girl's voice is truly amazing - like the little one on America's got Talent. Click the "Recommend" button above if you like her, also! Big Grin

Little girl singing amazing grace
(Click the picture to watch the video)

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Beer Swillin' Philly Fan ???

Can it be that this kid was so depressed over his team losing to the Padres last Sunday that he took to drinking? This kid can't be anymore than 5 yrs old by the looks of it.

What is becoming of the Philly fans lately? Between some dude puking on an 11 yr old kid to another one who ran the field and was tasered. Settle down Philly fans it's just a game. Shame On You

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How Young Is Too Young To Start Using Weights

So Son o'mine has been using my 5lb weights to work out for some time now. I just bought him a 10lb weight this weekend, now I'm thinking maybe it was a mistake, he's 13 is that too young to be using a weight that heavy, or is it ok? I've heard so many different stories I don't know what to believe. How do I know if he's using it properly? The one I bought him looks exactly like the one here.

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Teenage Violence

Back In October I did a story (kids and violence) of a 15 yr old boy name Michael Brewer who was set on fire by his classmates after they poured rubbing alcohol on him. The boys involved were arrested and changed with attempted murder. Michael is still recovering from the injuries as he was burned over 80% of his body. Here is a current photograph of Michael, as you can see he still has a long way to go

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How To Fix A Broken Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster

Remember at Christmas (2009) well Zhu Zhu pets were the hottest thing on the market at Christmas. Well it seams that quite a few are dying and the little wheels are no longer moving.

zhuzhu zhu zhu pets broken toys how to fix

Ok so if your child is left looking sad with a broken Zhu Zhu pet then there is a possible fix for it.

  • Unscrew the battery access screw.
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    I Averaged: 4 | 3 votes

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