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Facebook Profile Watcher Tracker

Lately I have been getting quite a few invites from friends to join the one app on Facebook called "Profile Watcher". So my mind got to thinking how can we make this work for us? Well I would like to see who is looking at my profile HOWEVER I really don't want them seeing me lurking around on facebook. Plus we all know that this could be used against you if you add it and you peak at a non friend and they track you.

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How to Block on Facebook

So, you're page is private but you don't want a certain someone to even find you....


First, a little info & disclaimers about blocking:

  • The person you block will NOT receive notification that they have been blocked. However, they might figure out that they are blocked.
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how to block someone on myspace using their friend id

can anyone tell me how to block someone by using their myspace friend id? thanks!


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