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cell phones

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Szsanei n79 its a phone and tab all in one

i need some help with this n79 cellphone tab thing i got it off eBay new it comes from china i really like it but i can not find anything about it i went to there website but its in Chinese so i emailed them for help or if i could buy a manual for it well its been over a mo and no word from them so this is what i have on it its a 3g android unlocked to at&t or T-Mobile im on t mobile anytime i look it up it comes up with the nexus 79 if any one can tell me more like how am i to use it as a pc (computer) like they said i can and is there a nick code for it can i unlock it to another's netw

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Which New Phone Are You Going To Get?

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There's Feces on your Cell Phone Right NOW - According to Researchers

So ya wanna know what's really gross? ... POOP!

And there's a strong chance it's all over your cell phone right this second. Go ahead, glance over at your phone .. yep*t all over it. Why? Because you my friend, are most likely another one of the 95% of people who say that you wash your hands with soap and water after dropping a deuce, but in reality, are completely full of ... yanno ...

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Can I tile - repeat - fill a wallpaper background image on my Android phone?

I'm trying to use a small image and tile it (or repeat or fill, however is the right way to say it Smile ) as the background wallpaper on my Android phone.

I use GO Launcher as my phone's launcher and it has a Wallpaper selector but I've looked for other ways in the phone to change it too and am having NO LUCK! All I can do is crop and it stretches it all out making it look bad. I want to be able to have the same tile, stretch, crop option that I have when setting my Windows wallpaper. Does anyone know how if possible, to do this?

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When I upload a contact image in Google Contacts through Gmail, where are the pictures stored?

After reading some posts here I've been using Google Contacts to store my contacts so that I can sync them with my Android but now I have a question I'm wondering if anyone knows----when I upload a contact picture where is Google storing the image?

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Help, Buying a new Cell Phone, how do I know if a new phone is compatible with my SIM Card?

Hey I need your help. I'm looking for a phone for my 10 year old daughter to replace my motorola razor (T-Mobile). I want to check for used ones. She wants the phone to have a sliding keypad. So how do I know if a phone is compatible with my current sim card? I don't want a smart phone! She will not be having internet. It is strictly a phone for her to take to school on days when she stays after for activities.
Thanks a Bunch, Katie


Which cell phone do you have or want?

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Cover Your Sexting Tracks - Send Private Text Messages with this iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry App

Private Text Messages? Don't Get Caught Sexting!


Seriously, what's next? Here's an app that will cover your dirty little tracks, the tracks that got Tiger caught. It is currently available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android cell phones.

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Text a cell phone free from your computer

Here is something I use quite often, texting from your computer. the only thing you have to know is who their mobile carrier is. once you know that you simply send them a email from your computer and they get it as a text. if they reply it goes back to your email address that you first sent it to.

find their carrier below and simply add thier phone number to the email address:


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