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Cell Phone

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Szsanei n79 its a phone and tab all in one

i need some help with this n79 cellphone tab thing i got it off eBay new it comes from china i really like it but i can not find anything about it i went to there website but its in Chinese so i emailed them for help or if i could buy a manual for it well its been over a mo and no word from them so this is what i have on it its a 3g android unlocked to at&t or T-Mobile im on t mobile anytime i look it up it comes up with the nexus 79 if any one can tell me more like how am i to use it as a pc (computer) like they said i can and is there a nick code for it can i unlock it to another's netw

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Which New Phone Are You Going To Get?

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Can I View Someone's Whole Instagram Photo Gallery from the Web?

I'd like to view an Instagram users photos while at work from my web browser on the internet but whenever I login to the Instagram site I don't see any way to view pics, or if I just click a friend's Instagram picture in a Facebook status it will not let me view any other pics of theirs, just the one I clicked on. I'd also like to be able to snoop on some peoples pics that I'm not friends with or following Laughing.

Does any1 know if there's a way to do this??

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There's Feces on your Cell Phone Right NOW - According to Researchers

So ya wanna know what's really gross? ... POOP!

And there's a strong chance it's all over your cell phone right this second. Go ahead, glance over at your phone .. yep*t all over it. Why? Because you my friend, are most likely another one of the 95% of people who say that you wash your hands with soap and water after dropping a deuce, but in reality, are completely full of ... yanno ...

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Smartphone Pictures Pose Privacy Risks

Pictures you have emailed or uploaded from your Smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children.

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Can I tile - repeat - fill a wallpaper background image on my Android phone?

I'm trying to use a small image and tile it (or repeat or fill, however is the right way to say it Smile ) as the background wallpaper on my Android phone.

I use GO Launcher as my phone's launcher and it has a Wallpaper selector but I've looked for other ways in the phone to change it too and am having NO LUCK! All I can do is crop and it stretches it all out making it look bad. I want to be able to have the same tile, stretch, crop option that I have when setting my Windows wallpaper. Does anyone know how if possible, to do this?

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When I upload a contact image in Google Contacts through Gmail, where are the pictures stored?

After reading some posts here I've been using Google Contacts to store my contacts so that I can sync them with my Android but now I have a question I'm wondering if anyone knows----when I upload a contact picture where is Google storing the image?

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Help, Buying a new Cell Phone, how do I know if a new phone is compatible with my SIM Card?

Hey I need your help. I'm looking for a phone for my 10 year old daughter to replace my motorola razor (T-Mobile). I want to check for used ones. She wants the phone to have a sliding keypad. So how do I know if a phone is compatible with my current sim card? I don't want a smart phone! She will not be having internet. It is strictly a phone for her to take to school on days when she stays after for activities.
Thanks a Bunch, Katie

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How do I change my cell phone number and how much does it cost?


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