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CrashPlan Tray Icon Keeps Disappearing from my Tray!

I use CrashPlan as my backup software and aside from it being dog-slow to upload, it's great. Problem I'm having though is the tray icon keeps disappearing from my tray, so I can't right-click and set it to "sleep" anymore after that. Even if I directly run the CrashPlanTray.exe it still doesn't want to show up. The only way to get it to show again is to reboot the whole computer! Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it?

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CrashPlan Help? "Can't Connect to Service, Try Again?"

hi all. Suddenly my CrashPlan tray icon is gray all the time and when I try to start the backup again it hangs for a while, and then shows the message:

Can't Connect to Service, Try Again?

With Yes and No buttons. No matter how many times I click the Yes button, I just keep getting this same message. I DON'T want to have to do a full re-install just to fix their stupid, broken software! It was working just fine and then just suddenly stopped. Does anyone can help me?

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Backing up my computer errors

Hi Guys,
Your favorite pain in the arse is back.

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How To Clone A Hard Drive

If your replacing your main Hard drive or you simply want to back the whole thing up you can and its pretty easy to do. So what is cloning a hard drive? That is simply making a total copy of it onto another hard drive (for a back up). So why can't you just simply cut and paste it into the new hard drive? Well its simply not that easy, you can do that for some folders but not for all of them.


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