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Backing up my computer errors

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Hi Guys,
Your favorite pain in the arse is back.
I have tried to back up my computer 3 different times. Each time it goes through all the motions, telling me when to change discs and what info to put on each one. Everything seems fine and dandy and then it gets to the end and gives me a message that some files were not saved. Then the red bar comes on and says your info did not back up. The two files that did not back up were error messages from Notepad. Should I just delete the files, and if so, how would I do that? Do I go to the uninstall programs page? Will this be shaky for my pc? I'm really confused with this, not to mention more broke from the cd-dvds I have bought and used. The last 2 times I uses dvd+rw. Is it possible to write over what is on them? I also used cd-r, again with no success. Does the kind of disc make any difference to the success of my back-up? Also, can I write over the cd-r or record music on it?

Sorry for so many questions here. I look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Re: Backing up my computer errors

When you say your trying to back up your PC a few questions come to mind.  

First exactly how are you going about backup up your files?  Are you using something built into Microsofts operating system?  Or another 3rd party program.  Also what version of windows (assuming your running windows) do you have?  Then there is the question of what exactly you are trying to backup.  Are you trying to just backup your important data like pictures and documents?  Or are you trying to make a backup image of your entire computer?

If you can give us a little more information as to how and what you are trying to backup it would be a lot easier to help.

As for your questions regarding the DVD rw's.  Yes you can reuse the rw's.  they stand for ReWriteable.  You would probably need to put one of them in the drive then go to the drive in windows explorer and formate the disk in order to re use it.  As for the difference between dvd's and cd-r's.  DVD's are just that DVD's.  A DVD will hold a lot more information then a CD.  The norm I belive if memory serves for a CD is like 600 meg's of data.  And for a DVD it's like around 4 gig's I belive.  So if your looking to use a CD for backup purposes you should know really what it is your intending to backup and how large your data is.

I would recomend really for backing up your data to go out and purchase an external hard drive.  You can get a 500 gig or even 1 or more terabyte drive for pretty cheap these days.  Most of these drives will have backup software on them already and are not to hard to figure out how to use.  

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