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Animated Gif

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How To Create An Animated Gif In Adobe Photoshop

Looking to learn how to make an Animated Gif in Adobe Photoshop? There are of course many programs specifically designed to make animated gifs (anigifs), and usually they are faster and easier, but there are also many other reasons to do it in Photoshop, so in this case, we'll explain how to do it in Photoshop.

  • First off, any image that you want in the animated gif will need to be on it's own layer, within the same .psd.
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Resize Animated Gifs

Ever found a cute animated pic you want to use as an avatar only to find that it's too large and editing it may remove the animations? Well I found this site that will resize it for.

You can also do other edits for the gif. You can break up the frames of the original and save them separately on your computer to work with colors.

You can't edit individual colors, you'd have to put more work and effort into that. However, this is a free site.

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How to make an animated picture .gif

Well first there are lots of different programs out there to make these. I have tried a few but I found the easiet one was Blumentals Easy GIF Animator. They have a free trial of in it you would like to check it out. I believe with the free trial you can make 20 GIF's. So since I found that one to be the easiest one that will be the one I'll show how to do here.

First gather your pictures that you would like to animate. Here are some tips:

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How to Morph a picture

Well there are a number of different programs out there to morph photographs but for this I'm going to show you one I use called Abrosoft FantaMorph (I use the Deluxe one). If you want to check it out they have a 30 day trial offer.

So what is the difference between a animated gif and a Morph. Well a animated gif is generally just a flash like slide show in a pic where as a morph is where the one picture turns into the other.


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