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Photoshop Tutorials

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When I "Flatten" layers or items in an image does it make the final file size smaller?

I'm sort of a beginner to photo editing and was wondering when I use the option to flatten layers or items in Photoshop or Snag-It will the final image size be smaller when I save it, or does it not make any difference at all? I'm trying to reduce my images as much as possible without losing any noticeable image quality.

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Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 5 - Gold Text Using Photoshop


Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 5 - Gold Text Using Photoshop

Here's DaVinci's original Gold Text tutorial, again only slightly formatted for viewing on GeekDrop.

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Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 6 - 3D Text Using Photoshop


Phrozen Crew - DaVinci Tutorial 6 - 3D Text Using Photoshop - Another Cool Text Effect Without Plugins

Here's Photoshop tutorial #6 by Phrozen Crew's DaVinci, legendary graphics artist in the scene notable for his own easily identifiable, but unique style, and attention to detail. Often copied, often having his work hacked to pieces by others' claiming it to be their own work. This is DaVinci's original tutorial, only slightly formatted to work within GeekDrop.



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How To Create An Animated Gif In Adobe Photoshop

Looking to learn how to make an Animated Gif in Adobe Photoshop? There are of course many programs specifically designed to make animated gifs (anigifs), and usually they are faster and easier, but there are also many other reasons to do it in Photoshop, so in this case, we'll explain how to do it in Photoshop.

  • First off, any image that you want in the animated gif will need to be on it's own layer, within the same .psd.
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You SUCK At Photoshop

"And who's fault is that? Yours ..."

I love these photoshop tutorials. Not so much for what they teach ya, because while they do teach ya some tiny, basic stuff, it's mostly entertaining, and mostly because the same things he says reminds me alot of the things that roll through my head when I'm playing in Photoshop.


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