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Ways to identify tracks

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Ok so you have tracked someone on your tracker now what? How are some ways to help identify the person? Well there are a couple of ways you can check on the track.

Here is a example of a track (personal info removed):

OK so now what? Well the best site that I have found to identify where the IP is from (area) is MaxMind. Its free to use. Now mind you THERE IS NO WAY to get a exact address from a tracker. The Latitude and Longitude it gives is for where the sub station is located. Unless you have a court order or your buddy buddy with someone who works at that interned service provider your out of luck on getting the exact location. Here is what MaxMind will show you:

Now you can also run the agent string though another site to better identify the person. What is the agent string? Well look back up at the tracker - see the area in the yellow box? That is the agent string. It basically will give you some information on what type of compter the person has and what is installed on it and what browser they used. See if I know the person I tracked has a MAC well the agent string would better help me identify them. A great site to check the string at is UserAgentString Here is a example:

Now mind you some ISP (internet service providers) will never track correctly. The IP you get will show where their main location is. If you track AOL you will see it will most likely show up as Henerdon VA. There is nothing you can do about those :-(

The tracker example was

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