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Recover your Recovery Partition

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THE PROBLEM: You try to do a system recovery on your HP computer and it doesn't work , you follow all the steps on HP website but no boot screen when you hit F11 key !

So you have installed XP or Vista, but still have the Recovery Partition (Not deleted), here's a little trick you can do to access the System Recovery and get back in business. Obviously assumes that you do have XP or Vista installed(possibly work in others), and just can't access System Recovery. It may work for Windows 2000 and was told it worked in Windows 7 with no problems!

Step 1: Right-click "My Computer" and click "Manage"
Step 2: Go to "Disk Management"
Step 3: Right-click the "Drive D/Recovery Partition" and click "Mark Partition as Active"
Step 4: Reboot, and press F11 as it starts up

Then follow the instructions on HP site Which are :

Recovering from the recovery disks
The Windows operating system (OS) can be reinstalled, using the recovery disks, without destroying any existing programs or user data. This action is normally only performed if the PC does not start properly or does not boot into the Windows operating system.
To preserve the user data, copy or backup the user data to an external storage device before performing this task.
Do the following actions to reinstall the operating system from the set of recovery disks.
  1. Connect PC to the AC power adapter.
  2. Open the disk drive, insert the first disk in the set of recovery disks, and close the disk drive.
  3. Turn off the PC.
  4. Press the Power button to start the PC and immediately press the F11 key.
    The PC begins operation from the disk and performs tests on the hard drive. After a short delay, a black screen, with a message, is displayed. If the C:\ drive and the special recovery partition are intact, three options are available:
    • Press 'R' for standard System Recovery options .
    • Press 'F' to format the hard drive and reinstall the original factory settings. All data will be lost!
    • Press 'Q' to Quit this menu.
    WARNING: If the disk tests indicate that the operating system is not installed or the drive is corrupted, the only option presented is 'R' perform a full system recovery . This option will reformat the drive and destroy all the user data. See Before reformatting the hard drive for more information.
  5. Select the standard System Recovery option by pressing R .
  6. The recovery process will check for the presence of the recovery partition on the hard drive.
    • If the partition and the recovery files exist, the rest of the recovery process is performed from the hard drive, and none of the recovery disks is requested.
    • If the partition or the recovery files do not exist, prompts are displayed to insert or exchange disks as needed from the set of recovery disks.
When the OS is reinstalled and the PC re-starts, the programs and data files exist on the hard drive; however, clicking on the menu icons will not start the program. It is necessary to reinstall the programs using the original product disks.

HP recovery website here : Clicky

NOTE: the IMPORTANT part of this thread is no where to be found on HP site thats why I did this thread in case someone needs to do this themselves.

I had to do this for someone who thought they would try to install vista on a HP and thought their HP win XP serial key would work with vista Laughing but I fixed the problem and got Laptop back to factory settings !

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