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Kickass Invention! USB Copulates with Wall Outlet, Gives Birth to Bouncing Baby USB-Wallplug!

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Dude, how cool is this?! ThinkGeek has merged a standard wall power outlet, the kind we all (in America) plug everything into, with USB charging ports!

Check it out!
ThinkGeek USB Wall Outlet
ThinkGeek USB Wall Outlet

These days everything uses USB so if you're like us, you're computer(s) are bogged down with their few USB ports and you're constantly switching USB cords around on your computer or laptop just so that you can charge up your phone, or iPod / iPad, other music player or any myriad of things, half the time you don't even need to have the device access your computer, or the computer to access the device (e.g. do transfer music or pix). This is one of those ideas that make ya go "Damn! Why didn't I invent that?!"


I can already think of multiple places where I'm going to be installing these: one is obviously right next to my computer in my home office, where I spend mucho time there, and another is in place of the outlet right next to my bed, where I like to charge my Nook, phone and iPad both while I'm using them and while I sleep. The best thing about these is that nothing special is required to install them, they replace your normal wall outlets the same way you'd normally replace one when they go bad or you just want to change the color to match the paint on your walls. Takes 5 minutes and you're good to go!


If you want to grab some you can get them right here: ThinkGeek USB Wallplug. Got an idea!Tip: If you order at least 3 you'll also get free shipping. Thumbs Up

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