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For the Drupal naysayers: Drupal isn't powerful enough to run a very high traffic website? SWTOR thinks so! (Screenshot)

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We've been hearing debates about whether or not Drupal, (the website CMS software for those not in the know) can scale large enough to successfully handle websites that receive an enormous amount of visitor traffic. Apparently SWTOR; the website of the up and coming huge MMORPG thinks so, have a look: running Drupal

While visiting our GeekDrop Vile SWTOR Guild Roster after last weekend's beta test conclusion, the site was down for maintenance, and right there in the corner of the pages' tab, and the URL Bar, is the familiar little Drupal drop favicon. NICE! The same software used to run the next MMO phenomenon is also used right here, on your favorite lil GeekDrop! Applause

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Re: For the Drupal naysayers: Drupal isn't powerful enough ...

There are a lot of legitimate criticisms of using Drupal in day to day development, but yeah, I don't see how scaling is a legitimate concern with it. You can make anything scale with the right architecture. PHP is the most frequently criticized language out there but some of the biggest sites (Yahoo, Facebook, etc) use it for a lot of their day to day development.

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