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2nd try at Darth Malgus (False Emporer Flashpoint)

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Hey this Friday you guy's want to try doing false emperor again? Nelia told me he would be willing to do it with us if we get a deicent start time. 10:30 - 11:00 is a bit late for him.
I can probably be online around 9 this friday so if you guy's want to try and plan to play and get started right away on the flash point let's do it! I can't stay up until 5 am this friday! I have a bachelor party down town Saturday night and then Sunday I have to fly out to Pitsburg for the week so got to get to bed sometime!

Here is a deceint guide but there are otheres.

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Re: 2nd try at Darth Malgus (False Emporer Flashpoint)

Works for me, I might try and get on around 8 so I can warm up with some Warzones. I have to get the pvp outta my system whenever I first login. Wink

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