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Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

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Re: Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

HAHA! Thank you. I hope thats true. Even funnier than the vid.

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Re: Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

Glad to see him stick up for himself!

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I hate Bullies
Re: Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

Bullies bullies everywhere. Who hasn't been a victim of bullying when they were kids? I'm SO happy that this kid gave his bully what he had coming to him. Suckerpunching him when he wasn't wanting to fight was typical bully krap and I'm glad he got his leg broken for it! Now he'll FOR SURE think again before trying to bully someone!

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Re: Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

Learn how to fight Twiggy! Before you go picking fights with someone! Little bully sh*thead! I bet he's triple embarrased now that he's on video all over the internet and Geekdrop looking like an a$$hole!

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Re: Casey Heynes - Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully!

Update: The big kids name (getting picked on) is Casey Heynes, from Sydney Australia. He has mentioned that he has contemplated suicide because of the bullying in th past and just "snapped" in this video and fought back. The video was recorded on a cell phone. Both he and the skinny bully punk were suspended due to their school's Zero Tolerance Policy for fighting.

I suppose according to that policy Casey Heynes was supposed to just keep getting punched in the face? "Zero Policy" means "Zero Thinking".

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Re: Casey Heynes - Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully!

Like i mentioned in my 1st post (as typo laddened as it was)(bad laptop keyboard).
The Big guy Casey could've just simply grabbed the much smaller kid's wrists and wrestled him to the ground in a non malevolent
manner. Its not like he would've been struggling to do this sort of simple and MUCH gentler and MORE responsible form of retaliation.
What he did was act and react on emotions rather than use even a reasonably decent format of common sense and human
decency. He(Casey) is supposed to be the grown up in this situation. He is 4 years older and more than twice the size of the
hyper little kid,and as hated as he may be,he like you's,has parents that love and adore him and cherish him as they're son and
if you's had a son in the future just like the skinny little hyper kid,yous would consider it an outrage of ludacris proportions if you's
were to see or find out that someone much bigger and stronger retaliated in such a reckless manner on you're precious child.
Think about my points on this,they do make a hell of a lot of sense dont they ?! The kid was way too small to be deemed and judged as a bully and the big kid is no hero,just someone who snapped and could've broken a mere hyper little kid's neck with such a reckless form of retaliation. That was a very irresponsible form of brutal assault on the part of Casey. He should be institutionalized
for a few years at the very least,and that would be considered mercifull punishment if he did such a thing in the u.s.a or under any other properly situated law mandation.

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Re: Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

I've watched this on youtube,several different videos including the interviews and such.
This was a very messed up thing to occur. And just as messed up that people consider the 16 year old 175 lb'er a hero
for slamming to the ground a 12 year old weighing around 75 lbs. That 12 year old could've gotten killed or could've wound up
with a broken neck and left a quadraplegic for the rest of his life. Wih greater size and strength comes greater responsibility
and the 16 year old acted on emotion rather than common sense or morale,and people in this day and age admire this ?!
It really figures with the severely lowered morale of people in this day and age of degenerated morale and conscioence capacities.

How can one admire that young man weighing 175 lbs deciding to recklesly react like that on a kid wayyy smaller and weaker than him ?! You people commenting with admiration towards the much bigger person are literally approving of a young man doing something to a mere hyperactive little boy that could've easily paralyzed the kid. That was just horrible and people thinking its good
are just as horrible and screwed up for approving of such an absurdity. The 12 year old was not a bully and did not deserve that.
He was a hyperactive 75 lb's or so 12 year old. The Big kid was a 16 year old,thats a young man and he rightfully could've been charged as an adult for assualt on such a smaller person than himself. The real bullies here are the big kid and all the delusional fools who think what he did was a good thing. Wake up sheeple,it was not a good thing in the least,it was horrible and that skinny little kid could've gotten very severely injured,as in,a broken neck. He broke his leg,thats bad but,a broken neck could've easily entered into the equation of such reckless reaction from someone who doesnt have a sense of responsibility or accountability,but instead acts on emotions.

For what its worth,i believe the 16 year old should've been charged with assault because yo just dont do tat t someone who i less than half youre size. He could've easily just grabbed the little kids wrists and wrestled him down humanely instead of ding something that looked like he was literally attempting to cripple or kill the much smaller kid,who is a mere hyperactive pest,not a bully,and not deserving of such punishment or irresponsible retaliation from someone so much bigger and stronger. If you people were parents of a hyper kid trying to be a tough guy on someone more than twice his size and then saw that much bigger person retailiate on that you's would then more than acknowledge that that would be very very out of line on the big gus part and yous would be extremely upse and want to press serious charges on the much bigger kid. You's know this is true what i say and point out.

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