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Bit-Torrents - There is an App for that!

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torrents on iphone

App Store link: Clicky

This app allows you to check and manage the downloads in your ImageShack Drive account. For downloaded videos, you can even view thumbnails (if ImageShack is able to provide them).


  • View the status and details of torrents in your Drive account.
  • Start, stop, and remove torrents in your Drive account.
  • Search isoHunt and Mininova, and directly add results to your Drive account.
  • Preview frames and thumbnails of most videos.

An ImageShack Drive account is required to use this app. ImageShack Drive is *not* a free service (so $4.99 for the app plus a service fee).

ImageShack Drive is an online torrent client. Add torrents to your account, and ImageShack will use their servers to download and seed it for you. There's no need to leave your computer on all night to download a large or slow torrent... just let ImageShack do it. After ImageShack finishes downloading your torrent, you can use your web browser to download the files directly from ImageShack via HTTP.

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