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The First Thing Teenage Girls Do When They Get Photoshop

How true is this? Laughing

Twilight photoshop teenage girls
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Twilight Eclipse

So, for fun, just like last year just before Twilight: New Moon came out, I like to get in the spirit a lil bit and make myself into one type of the monsters from the movies. Last year I made myself into a vampire, but I've since become more of a Werewolf guy, since at least in the Twilight series ... they're way cooler (imo). Plus, like I've said before, I relate alot more to Jacob, in a non-ghey sense, of course, cuz trust me ... all man hea .... Wink

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A 90 second 'Eclipse' trailer was released late last night!! 110 days and counting...

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Twilight Saga: New Moon Review

Okay, so let me set the scene: I'm a young male that was convinced to read all 4 Twilight books. I had mixed emotions about the books. The story was okay, but whatshername isn't the best writer. I saw Twilight, and thought it was an okay movie. Of course, nothing like the book, so I went into this movie expecting the same thing. My date thought it would we fun to go to the midnight show at the local place, and naturally I gave in eventually. (Oh the things we'll do for you ladies).

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Twilight - Vampires don't SPARKLE

Since the new movies is about to open I thought I would post some pics that I found funny.........


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