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Tagging in a facebook status

how do you tag someone in a facebook status? here is an example

facebook status tagging how to
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New Facebook Feature - Face Recognition Tagging

Well here is yet another new Facebook feature coming down the pipes. Right now only select ppl are seeing this. Facebook now has "face recognition" so when you add a new picture to your album it wants you to tag the person.

facebook tagging

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How To Stay Private In Facebook Tagging

Nothing like logging on to facebook to find that some relative or friend has tagged you in a facebook photo and its absolutely horrible. No one likes nasty surprises like a pic that you were making a ugly face in, or you look 50 lbs heavier or its just plain embarrassing. So what do you do, quick untag yourself? That may work for some but for others it might come to late. Well no worries you can fix that.

Here is a pic my son tagged of me a while back:

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How to tag someone else in your FaceBook status

Looks like FaceBook has a new feature. You can tag someone on your friends list, in your status, by adding an @ and then typing the person's name. It will then link to thier profile, just like when you tag them in one of your photos.

Example: <you> thinks @Micheal Jordan kinda knows how to play some basketball.

Would turn into this <you> thinks Micheal Jordan kinda knows how to play some basketball.


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