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Guild Wars 2

Been playing Guild wars 2 lately and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this game. For an mmo with no subscription fee it's extremely detailed and huge! The world is enormous and there is a ton of things to do and they make what your doing actually pretty fun. They kind of mask the fact that your doing quests by making them more of a public type quest that just happen. Random live events will just pop up and you can either take part of pass on by.

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Other MMOs?

Ok I noticed the forum for SWTOR. Just wondering if gamers from other MMOs frequent this area?

Me personally, I'm an Aion addict and relatively new to MMOs. ^_^

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SWTOR: This game is going to be sooo badass!

It's getting real close to release time for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMORPG, and I'm stoked. You don't even know ...

Check out a couple of the videos (Click the pictures to watch them) ...

star wars the old republic jedi swtor
Designing the Jedi

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GW2 - GuildWars 2

Well now I have a new game to keep my eye on. This one from the little I have seen from videos is leading the pack as far as graphics are concerned! Watch some of the videos found here on there site.

They are pretty epic if you ask me. And here is actual in-game playtime footage. Looks nice:

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For any WoW fans out there. Arena Match Video.

Any world of warcraft fans out there may get a kick out of this. For those that don't play the game and don't know anything about it this is a 2v2 arena match. Basically you create an arena team with friends or whoever and go fight to the death. You get points and ratings each week depending on your record.

I'm the hunter (guy shooting arrows) and a buddy of mis the priest (healer keeping me alive). Yes we loose this one but it was a good fight. Were not all that great at it but it's fun. *Disclaimer* Music has adult content.

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World Of Warcraft - Ruby Sanctum: New raid instance leaked!

Robert Miles - In My Dreams

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New World Of Warcraft Expansion Coming out - Cataclysm

Looks pretty good, especially how the Alliance now has Werewolves as a playable race (Worgen). For those who've never played, thats the actual game world in the video.
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20 Most Anticipated Games of 2010

2010 promises to be a great year for gamers. Check out the 20 most anticipated games for this year. The list tells you what console the game is for and the anticipated arrival date. Are you waiting for one of these games? If so, tell us which one and why you want it so bad, and if your game is not on the list tell us what it is.

Check them out here

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So word 'round the campfire is Aion is the next big game, as far as MMORPG's go. At least until Star Wars The Old Republic is finished, which here is pre-warning ... once it does you'll never. Ever. See me again. Ever.

Unless you're there with me. Wink

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Huge Changes for World Of Warcraft (expansion)

Want to be one of these?

Well You will be in the new expansion. Since I don't play I wont begin to explain the news so here go read:

Massive new expansion will change Warcraft's world



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