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verizon wired / wireless router and advanced security

I have Verizon as an ISP, and I have some wireless and some wired hardware. Verizon recomended some advanced security measures, and to disable the SSID (I think), so people could not randomly access wireless signal. While I was making the changes, packets sent and packets received values were both at zero but by the time I finished, packets sent was 1642 and packets received were 2146. Does anyone have any idea why that would be the case?
I had read somewhere that companies were injecting packets? What are packets anyway?
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verizon router

Hi Guys, I hope everyone is well! Just a quick question. I have verizon bundle services and I wonder if there is ever a reason to log on to my verizon router, ever? I had some connectivity issues which I finally resolved but I don't remember if I logged onto the router or not. Does anyone have any idea? Is this something I should be doing daily? Thanks for the help!


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