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Very Moving Animal Abuse Facebook Status (Must Read)

I noticed this on a friend of mines' Facebook status today, written from the perspective of a puppy who was sent to an animal shelter because it was no longer wanted by it's owner. Anyone who really knows me, knows how much of a weakness I have for animals. To me, although I don't limit it to, but especially house pets, are every bit as important as any human being, and in many cases I'd prefer to see some people die before some animals. And I honestly can't believe how cruel and unfeeling people who abuse pets can be, it's simply a mindset that I can't comprehend.

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The Raging War With

So when you think of the domain what do you thing? If your like me you think porn or at the very least sex oriented. Well the domain is up for sale and its a bidding war. However the war is not who you thing but its against "Bullwhip" a meat company and PETA a veggie group. Ok huh??? and meat, kinda gives a new meaning to wears the beef.

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