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Do You Believe It's Possible To Fall In Love Over The Internet With Someone You've Never Met In Real Life?

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The "Official" Friends With Benefits Agreement! - Send it to your Booty Call Today! - Updated for 2012+ (Funny!)

Friends With Benefits - Booty Call Agreement - Updated for 2012

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Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart -Is It Too Sexual?

Here is Myley Cyrus's new video "Who Owns My Heart" and its not with out controversy. Myley is 17 years old (she will be 18 in November).

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Guy Ejaculates Into Co-Worker's Water Bottle - Twice

Some people are seriously perverse. Taking a poll,,,, would anyone here want to voluntarily swallow this guys ejaculate let alone not be aware of it and unknowingly forced to? The guy snuk into his female coworker's office on two different occasions and added a dose of his own vitamins to her water bottle - and she drank it both times! Sick

man ejaculates into co workers water bottle

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Ewww...Grandma and Grandson Getting It On Sexually And Having A Baby

Ok yeah they subject is just as it sounds. As nasty as that is 72 yr old Pearl Carter is in fact in love with her 26 yr old grandson Phil. Not just the love a grandma has for a grandson but full blown deep in love and having SEX! OMG how gross is that grandma is doing the grandson! Yes they have admitted to having sexual relations (three times week).

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Extramarital sex leads to earthquakes

Ok ever hear the saying "when the boats a rockin' don't come a knockin" well what kinda crazy sex do you have to have to cause a earthquake? I don't care how good the sex you're not going to cause a earthquake. However that is not the story that is coming out of a Iranian prayer leader Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi, saying women and girls who dress provocatively spread promiscuity, and that "when promiscuity spreads, earthquakes increase

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Why Men Obsess Over Sex

All of us women have asked at some point, what is it with men and sex? Why does a guy check out another woman when hes already with one? Well its relatively simple really, "Men look at attractive women the way women look at pretty butterflies".

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The Raging War With

So when you think of the domain what do you thing? If your like me you think porn or at the very least sex oriented. Well the domain is up for sale and its a bidding war. However the war is not who you thing but its against "Bullwhip" a meat company and PETA a veggie group. Ok huh??? and meat, kinda gives a new meaning to wears the beef.

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