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How To Fix an Overheating Laptop (WITHOUT having to take it apart!)

I recently was repairing a few problems with a Toshiba Satellite laptop (L305D-S5938 in this particular case) for someone and was getting nowhere real fast, because it overheated if you just looked at it funny. The second something normal caused the fan to get a little louder, *poof*, off it went; just shut right off in the middle of whatever you were doing. And on top of that, when it wasn't shutting off, it just took foreverrrrr to do anything. Anything.

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HP Power on Password reset/removal

Bought a used HP nc8230 and user informed me they could not get into bios. No problem I have diconnected the cmos battery plenty of times to reset bios. It does not work with this model because after a lot of research I found out it has the trusted platform module (TPM). Hp tells me the power on password is permenent in CMOS and the only way to get around this is to replace the motherboard. Just to inform you further about this, the minute you turn it on it ask for the power on password with a picture of a key. You don't even get a chance to try to Fkey into bios.

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Recover your Recovery Partition

THE PROBLEM: You try to do a system recovery on your HP computer and it doesn't work , you follow all the steps on HP website but no boot screen when you hit F11 key !



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