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Facebook Virus

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Starbucks Free Voucher Giveaway on Facebook: Scam!

There's another scam going around on Facebook, this time it's a Facebook scam promising to give away a $100 ("wow!") Starbucks card for free. Amazing huh? They just want to give away tons of money!

Well, as usual, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Take a look...

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A REAL Facebook Virus Scanner. BitDefender SafeGo, Pretty Cool!

So, I've been checking out a Facebook "anti-virus scanner" named BitDefender SafeGo for a couple of weeks now, on 2 different Facebook profiles (our official GeekDrop profile, and my own personal profile), and so far it seems pretty interesting. While it hasn't caught any problems on either of my profiles yet, (not sure I've really had any issues for it to catch) it's been a bit too soon to tell how effective it is, but it seems to have potential.

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New FaceBook Virus Alert

There's a new FaceBook virus going around .... It's actually a "Phish", which means you are baited into going to a false page that looks just like the FaceBook login page, where unsuspecting people may think they've somehow been logged out of FaceBook and re-enter their login and password. Once they do, the "phishermen" log and save your login information, and use your profile however they want.

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