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FaceBook SpyBot

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Facebook Antivirus WARNING! It's A Scam!!

Here is a heads up of a new malware that is going around on Facebook like wildfire. Its "Facebook Antivirus" but have you know its NO ANTIVIRIS. Here is what it looks like:

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Facebook Unnamed App bug has been fixed

Facebook has said they have fixed the un named app bug, which was real, but posed no harm, by wednesday afternoon (the 27th). No passwords were stolen.

GeekDrop was bombarded with visitors looking for the fix(es), which in turn was posted all over the net. We were happy to provide it for everyone.

Anyone interested in what this was about can see our older thread on it: here

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FaceBook SpyBot (How To Remove)

There's a facebook virus / spyware that can cause your FaceBook to run slow, or show only white pages, or not load pages at all. To remove it, or to see if you have it:

  • Click on your 'application settings'
  • Click the dropdown box to show 'added to profile'
  • If you see one in there named "un named app" delete it (Click the X to the right) ... Its an internal spybot.


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Facebook Feed

So I got a notification that a friend had tagged me in a video. I clicked it, it asked me to add an app (I hate that, and usually don't do it), I add it, and it loads up a giant, stupid picture of some face, and then I see my notification thing light up like a christmas tree, telling me that I just sent out a mega-asston of notifications to my friends list (apparently randomly, probably all of them).


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