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Battlefront 2 (EA/Dice) Allows Cheats

EA / Dice evidently doesn't ban players for obvious cheats/hacks, as shown in this NEW video.

There are ample examples of it happening all over YouTube, but the reported players never lose their accounts. This example is yet another of 'TyzerDurden' (playing as Han Solo in this video) using cheats, a.k.a. "hacks" in-game, recorded last night, 9/13/2019.

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Jesse James hung himself in rehab today

Wow I am totally shocked here! Jesse James hung himself while in rehab today.

He left a note on the dresser saying, "Sorry Sandra"

You can read more about it here: CLICKY

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Sandra Bullock's Hubby Cheats

So who here is surprised by this "shocking" news Surprise Ok, I'm being facetious of course. I felt bad for her when I heard it first but when I heard the details I thought Thinking karma coming back to bite you or what?? Jesse James, her hubby, apparently cheated with her on his first wife who was pregnant at the time, didn't Sandra know that that was a huge no-no?

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It's so tiny, tiny, tiny

Ouch that is how Hailey Glassman described John Gosslins man hood this past week in Steppin Out.

She goes on to hit below the belt (no pun intended) too with other comments:

Hailey wrote:
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relationship help pls i caught my fiance cheating on me!!!

hello i am posting this anonymous because its embarrassing but id love some advice. i saw my fiance's cell phone statement and hes been texting and talking on the phone to a strange number alot. I did my homework and found out its a girl that we both know. We have a young daughter together so i had installed a keylogger on our homecomputer a while ago to keep tabs on herand make sure she stays out of trouble. I noticed a couple of the texts they sent mentioned sending some pictures to his email so with the keylogger information i logged into his email to see if i could find them.

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Ohhhh Tiger, You Naughty Naughty Boy!!!

So I'm sure everyone has heard the latest on Tiger Woods. Apparently he has just admitted to his naughtiness. Is anyone surprised? Personally I'm not, I mean I know he had a squeaky clean image, but alas he is a man and.. well... nuff said...It's a shame though because he had such a clean image and people like to see someone such as him retain it. I'm wondering how this is all going to affect his endorsements and sponsorships. Will he be dropped?

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Yes I Had Sex

Well if you didn't catch it on Letterman last night then you might have heard it on the news today. Yes David Letterman has had sex. OK big deal but here is the thing - it was with his employees and he was being blackmailed about it. There was a arrest in the case (the man blackmailing him) but last night David came out and admitted it on his show. Here is a clip of it, the video is a little choppy but the audio is perfect.

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Who are the biggest cheats? Women?

Here's an interesting article that shows how women are catching up on men when it comes to cheating. Has it always been this way you think and we've just kept it under wraps? or is it just now something that us women are starting to do more? Either way, the article makes us out to be conniving, lying, cheating, manipulators Surprise what nerve!

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Facebook fiance calls off wedding

We all do our share of snooping, many of us on our significant others. Imagine how it'd feel to find your fiance hanging out with some other girls b00bies just days before your wedding!! Well that's what happened to poor Valeria A. in Rome. Luckily she did find out this guy was scum, and was able to call off the wedding...


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