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IIS7 problem. Localhost links pointing to an old local IP?

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I have a local IIS7 server running that I use only once in a while and I created a simple index.htm file in it with a couple of links to other local htm files sitting in it's same folder. In the link on the index page I put the link simply as "MyFile.htm", when I hover the cursor over it the statusbar says "http://localhost:8080/MyFile.htm", which is right, but when I click on it, I watch the statusbar and it says it's trying to connect to a previous IP address I had before my ISP changed it on me, so it just ends up showing me a blank white page instead of the MyFile page. I've tried looking through the IIS admin area for a place that has my old IP entered in it somewhere but don't see anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

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