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Howard Stern Signs His Second 5-Year Sirius XM Contract

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Howard SternsiriusXM Signs His Second 5-Year Sirius XMsiriusXM Contract

howard stern sirius xm new contract
Just days before his last show, with alot of indecision and some worry by the rest of his staff for having all of their careers up in the air, in limbo for months, Howard finally announced that he renewed his 5-year contract with Sirius XMsiriusXM. This is great news, however he made it crystal clear during his announcement that chances are very strong that his work week is only going to get shorter. Shorter than his usual 4 day, 4-5 hours a day work week. Most people already complain about him having every Friday off, and whenever there's a holiday, for example let's say, Martin Luther King Day is on any day of that week, he automatically takes the entire week off. And that doesn't even include when he or Robin decide to just take some random vacation time. If Robin takes time off, Howard won't continue with the show, he'll also take the time off.

I suppose when you make roughly a reported 40 Million a year (his contract was for 100 million a year, which also pays his employee's salaries) you can do that and not care, but even celebrities like Chris Rock have voiced severe displeasure, right to his face, with his work schedule.

You could kind of see that he was posturing for a shorter work week, with the same or more pay by his frequent griping about how Oprah Winfrey makes millions at SiriussiriusXM and next steps foot in the place. He is well known to subliminally negotiate his contracts over the air by complaining about this or that. Oprah is a prime example. Also constantly saying how he thinks he wants out this time, thinks he's done, unless he gets the same or more money with less actual time, for many discussions over the air, is just all subliminal contract manipulation.

So while I have been listening to Howard literally since High School, daily, and have basically grown up with him (going on 21 years now) I am of course happy to hear that he renewed (after all Imus is 150 years old and still going), however his show hasn't been nearly as exciting or interesting as it was when he was still "hungry to make it", and I figure it'll only be more of the same, with much less live Howard and much more mind numbing replays. An uncalled for number of Joan Rivers interviews, and way too much Dancing with The Stars / American Idol / Rosie O'Donnell / The View talk. He needs to remember his audience is mostly blue collar men, who drink beer, shots and Red Bull, and pauses way too long on the porn channels, flipping to a cleaner station as soon as he hears his wife or kids coming, not a bunch of limp wristed, lisping, old queens who wear scarves all day long, knitting with thier wives, listening intently as Carrie Ann Inaba gives her opinion on The Situation's dance routine. which btw is prime material for "The Who Gives a Sh*t" channel.

Bring back more topless girl games, dial-a-dates, Butt Bongo's, Anal Ringtoss, and the like, maybe even put Andrew Dice Clay in Arties seat, permanently, and we're back in business.

Any other Stern fans here? What are your opinions on his new signing and what's to come?

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