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Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

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How To Get Virtually Unlimited Free Google Drive Space


Now that the long time favorite, and extremely popular DropBox has a really tough competitor with the newly released Google Drive (previously named Google Docs - minus the regular file storage ability and some other new features) everyone's having a bear of a time trying to figure out which service to use, and for good reason; while DropBox is extremely generous with space for it's users and has robust features, Google Drive is close, but still has some catching up to do and room to grow, nonetheless it's already shaping up to be excellent, and with this GeekDrop trick to get free space on Google Drive, you may no longer need to worry about which choice is the clear one.


The Trick:

Each Gmail account that you own provides an automatic 5GB of Google Drive space. Google doesn't mind if user's have multiple Google Drive accounts, so all that needs to be done is to "stitch" all of your Gmail accounts together to provide one big account, so to speak.


The Geeky Details - You can skip reading this part if you want:
What we're going to be doing here in essence is creating a single shared folder on each secondary Gmail account and then sharing it with our main Gmail account, the one that we plan to use all of or most of the time, the "big pot". Since the shared folder is being shared from a secondary Google Drive account to our main account, the secondary account is the Google Drive account that'll be taking the "space hit". That is, any files stored on your main account into one of the secondary's shared folders will deduct the space from the secondary's allotted space and not your main account's space.


Got it? Let's begin:

Free Google Drive Space - Unshared Folder
First, create a new folder, just like you normally would, you'll see that there is no "Shared" icon showing on it since folders aren't automatically shared upon creation. I personally like to give it a name that reminds me of who it's shared between at a quick glance; something like "Shared (Secondary Account Name | Main Account Name)", but that's up to you.


Free Google Drive Space - Shared User Menu
Next, navigate your way to the Sharing menu item as shown above, and click it.


Free Google Drive Space - Add People to Shared Users List
Enter the email address of the Main Gmail / Google Drive that you want all of the free space on into the edit-box. Make sure the "Can Edit" button is checked so that you can delete / rename / edit files in that folder from your main account, then click the Save button.


Free Google Drive Space - Shared Users List
After saving you should see the main account's user name in the list of user's who can use the newly shared folder. Click the Done button.


Free Google Drive Space - Shared Icon
If you did everything right you'll also see a new icon on the shared folder that represents it's being shared with other users.


Free Google Drive Space - Shared With Me Lists
That's it! Now for each secondary Google Drive account you've shared a folder with your main Google Drive account you have another 5GB of available space. Smile The more you add, the more free space you get!


But wait, it gets even better! (optional):

Free Google Drive Space - Drag Drop Folders to My Drive
If you don't do this next step you'll be able to use all of that new space, but you'll need to do it via the Google Drive Web Page, it won't show those new folders in your Windows Explorer (or Directory Opus, PowerDesk, or other favorite file manager). So to fix that, just drag and drop those new Shared folders into the "My Drive" area of your main Google Drive account.


Free Google Drive Space - Shared Folders in Explorer
Once you've done so, you'll be able to use those folders from within Windows (or MAC, Linux, Android, iPad, iPhone) as any of your other folders.

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick


Thank you for your tip, I tried to use some shared folders but when I upload from my main account it stops @ 5gb and it tells me to upgrade. Is there something to avoid this problem?

Thanks, Mike.

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

Just keep your main Drive account under 5GB. Drive doesnt care about the size of your shared folders, so the "GBs used" wont increase as you load up your shared folders.

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

hey. Smile
I have tried.. but I could only share from 2 accounts.. having trouble from the third one..
please help. Sad

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

This has been patched.

kmd2130's picture
Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

this has DEFINITELY been patched by google.

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Cloudfuze Connect
Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

It may not be a trick many would have multiple accounts seperated for Home, Office and etc so that is always suggested to maintain seperate accounts so that one can save on storage cost by with our updrading the account.

How ever managing multiple drives is again a difficulty . CloudFuze offers you seam less integration between multiple Google Drive accounts that extends your cloud file management experience.

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

Awesome workaround, I just tried and this definitely still works, as of 3/22/2013. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

Good Job, Have to try it out , Thank you for your posting !

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Re: Get Free Google Drive Space with this Trick

 Nice Trick. Thank you very much

Frank's picture
Nice but...

Does anyone know if this trick still works? It appears NOT to work for me on XP. Well, not completely...

I see the shared folder on my XP box. It is in fact shared and owned by the alternate login. If I create another folder in that folder, the new subfolder is owned by the alternate login. BUT... any files I create in those folders are owned by my MAIN login, not the alternate that owns the file. Those files are shared with my alternate account, so it too can see them, but they are owned by the main login.

Maybe google fixed it? This actually seems to be proper behavior, but thwarts the shared folder remedy for multi-account storage.

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