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Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

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craaap again
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

When I went to check it never downloaded anything but it was attempting to connect to another ip address so far nothing

Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

Installed with a game, so my input would be, if you recently installed something, like an online game, that's probably it. When you do a search for it you find several people paranoid about it, much like I was, but haven't seen one where it actually caused damage.

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

I have the same on my computer (c:\Users\NAME \AppData\Local\Akamai\ControlPanel_Installer.exe along with several additional final extensions) and I am pretty sure it is related to the Flash Player Update that I performed around the same time (item's install info) ...additional info below from "Akamai NetSession Interface - FAQ". Hope this helps!


What is the Akamai NetSession Interface?
The Akamai NetSession Interface is distributed networking software which greatly enhances the quality and speed of downloads and video streams you get from websites that support Akamai technology. The Akamai NetSession Interface handles the caching, reflecting and sending of files delivered to you through the Akamai network. The software is safe and secure, and does not contain any adware or spyware and never will. It can also be easily removed if you no longer wish to use it (see 'How do I uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface?').

Why should I use the Akamai NetSession Interface?
The Akamai NetSession Interface improves the speed and quality of downloads and streams that your favorite sites are able to provide to you. You'll see a great improvement in your download experience. The client does away with much of the traffic spikes and network congestion that can make the Net a difficult place to get your content. Most sites that support the Akamai NetSession Interface do so to provide you a much richer, broadband-enabled service offering.

How does the Akamai NetSession Interface work?
When you click on a link utilizing the Akamai NetSession Interface, the technology creates efficiency and speed in several ways. The client works by coordinating all caches of content on the network, including caches on end user machines as well as thousands of Akamai edge servers distributed around the world. Mostly, the client employs significantly more intelligence in the download process: downloading from multiple sources of a file simultaneously
capable of connecting to other end user machines to help speed delivery
continually looking for (and connecting to) faster/nearer sources of a file
intelligently routing your download around network congestion and traffic spikes

What information is shared between the Akamai NetSession Interface and my computer?
The Akamai NetSession Interface captures and stores about the same information as a standard web server. The Akamai NetSession Interface is made up of various networking protocols designed to manage the distribution of files over IP networks and is solely used for that function. And just to be clear: The Akamai NetSession Interface is networking software only. Absolutely zero personal information is *ever* captured, shared or stored via the Akamai NetSession Interface.

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

I got this when I was trying to install AutoCAD WS on my PC.  Couldn't get the AutoCAD to go and this thing just keeps popping up but I blocked it.  I think it is legitimate stuff but it sure seems to have freaked out a bunch of folks.

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

it seems that it helps on downloading but for me it slows my browser speed especially even i only browse some site or just watching but when i disable it the lagging of browser ends too.

keefstah's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

It's just as described above. I actually installed this myself due to an NFL team page that suggested it to view their streams, etc.

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

The folder arrived on my machine on the 11 Nov. I have not installed any new software... (For months). AVG just keeps say block or allow. I keep blocking but really would like to delete the folder it is sitting in - but dont want to delete something that I shoudl not delete

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

Or use msconfig

Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

Just FYI, Akamai is a reputiable company

Both MS and Apple have invested money and built partnerships with them. Apple used them as the backend for their Apple TV or something with Quicktime. MS invested 15mil in them at one time, and apply 12.5mil. Just though you guys might like to know that as that at least gives eome comfort of where they startup item came from, as long as its not a fake made be someone elese.

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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

popped up right after updating flash? maybe it is flash related?

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