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FTP Voyager Reverse-Engineering KeyGen Tutorial ( with a STaRDoGG mention ;) )

So, I was sent a link to this tutorial a while ago, and knowing how tutorials (and sites) like these disappear in a cloud of smoke unexpectedly all the time, I saved it locally. Thought I'd repost it here since it mentioned me. Wink

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"Wasting Hackers' Time to Keep Websites Safe" - Hacker article on the MIT website mentioning our own STaRDoGG!

My Google Alerts sent me an alert today about an article on the MIT website where a commenter points out that the "new" software they're developing uses a concept by GeekDrop's / Phrozen Crew's own STaRDoGG ChaMPioN 13 years earlier.

David Koretz, CEO of Mykonos in MIT article wrote:

"If you break in, I want to have fun with you". Koretz claims that the computer security industry is too timid - he advocates making hackers' lives tedious and difficult instead.

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