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Moving Mac formatted files on external to another Hard Drive to be used on a PC.

I have a client that has publishing data, about 250 gigs worth, on a Mac formatted firewire 400 only, external hard drive, give to her by her creative art person. The client needs the data to be used by her PC. So, I am trying to move the data from the firewire drive on to a new USB external that the client can access. So far, I can't find a format for the USB drive that will allow the Mac formatted files to be seen on a PC. I’ve tried Fat32 and Mac OS Extended with out any luck. Anybody have an idea?
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macbook hardware and windows XP OS

OK, so i wasnt sure on where to post this one because it jumps through about 4 different categories. Hardware, software, windows, mac. I have a macbook with windows xp lite installed on it. and i cannot find no drivers in xp form that would help work the mac hardware. i know xp can be put on mac, but i guess the drivers is where they stick it to ya for trying to cross platform. the mouse lags, the keybaord lags, the resolution is low, theres no windows startup sound. other than that its fine. runs good, boots ok, ideas?


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