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How To Format A Hard Drive To FAT32 In Windows 7 or Vista (or in general)

If you haven't noticed one huge change with Windows 7 is that FAT32 is no longer an option when formatting drives. You are now left with the options of either NTFS or exFAT. OK so your asking what is exFAT? Well its not FAT32, actually its compatible with FAT64.

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exFAT vs FAT32

I was getting ready to format a external hard drive to FAT32 and the only option I have besides NTFS is exFAT. Any clue on what exFAT is and is it compatible with FAT32?

I was reformatting it for that one awesome DVD player to watch movies on but it has to be FAT32. Any clue? I'm too tired to google, nite.

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