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How To Block Myspace Trackers (and ALL other trackers)

Blocking Myspace (and all) trackers is quite simple.

Ever get that feeling that you're being tracked by profiles or pages that you visit? You don't want whoever's myspace profile that you're looking at to know that you're stalking them, right? Not only Myspace, but MANY sites on the internet use trackers. This will tell you in a very easy way, how to stop them from tracking you! As an added plus, it will also block most ads on the internet from showing on your screen. Can't beat that, right?

First you HAVE to be using Firefox. Firefox is a much safer browser. If you do not have Firefox then simply click on the logo and you can download it

Next once you have firefox then you need to install a addon called "Adblock Plus". Click on the picture below to install that

Once you're finished installing that you will have to restart your computer. If you haven't restarted it then you need to do that now, and then come back to this page.

Once you've installed both Firefox and Adblock Plus then you need to subscribe to our blocker list. (Don't worry, it's free). There's no need to have to update them regularly or to have to import any list. Once you subscribe to our list it will auto import it, and it will automatically update daily for you. We stay on top of all trackers, and update frequently, leaving you that peace of mind.

To see our blocking list it is: Here

If you should find a tracker that is not on the list please let us know. Post a comment in our forums (see the red text below) so that we may add it to the list and update it. Again you don't need to worry about having to update your list if you are auto-subscribed to it

For more tips and discussion on this topic, go to this thread in our forums.

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