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GeekDrop Terms Of Service (TOS)

GeekDrop Terms Of Service (TOS) / Acceptable User Policy (AUP)

GeekDrop prides itself on being a family friendly site, all posting to the site needs to be PG13 or below. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately and if needed warnings or banning is given.

General Rules
  • English is the only language to be used on GeekDrop.
  • No posting anything that could be deemed as illegal or requesting help regarding anything illegal (hacking, phishing, cracks, serial numbers and such). If you have a post in question then please send it first to the site owner or a moderator for review.
  • No posting any offensive images or images that contains pornography. No posting anything that is vulgar, obscene, sexually-orientated, racist, hateful, threatening or anything that could be deemed a violation of the law.
  • No flaming other members (be it political, religious, racist or sexist), no cussing and no threatening other members or name calling. We expect that you act like adults. If a site admin (moderator or owner) needs to step in and ask that heated discussions or flaming needs to stop, then we expect it to. Continued harassment or extreme harassment can and will get you banned from GeekDrop.
  • Please use our search prior to posting to avoid duplicate postings, please also try to post in the correct forum.
  • All posts in the Premium Member Area are private. Disclosing any information from this Premium Member Area will result in cancellation of your entire GeekDrop account, without refund.
  • You may not at any time distribute any content, whether submitted by you or any other member of GeekDrop, to any other website, blog or any other form of distribution, (unless adding a reference to GeekDrop as mentioned further below) which can result in your account being banned. Some exceptions may be made at the discression of the site owner. Feel free to contact the site owner with any questions.
  • At no time are members allowed to embed any type of trackers or try and attempt to track any member here on the GeekDrop web site.
  • No spamming allowed. If you are caught spamming you will be warned, repeated spams will result in a ban. Blatant first time spams will result in an immediate ban.
  • Please try to be an active member of GeekDrop, and not just a "leecher" or a "lurker". Being a active member helps the site grow and in turn will help you.
  • No posting of email addresses on GeekDrop - this is for your protection. Please use the Private Message (PM) system. If you're not a Premium Member and do not have use of PM's then we encourage you to join us or to contact each other outside of GeekDrop. Posting your email may only result in you getting spammed (since GeekDrop is indexed by the search engines) and everyone hates spam, so no emails posted please. We will delete any email addresses added to public posts.
  • Anything posted on GeekDrop (unless it is copyrighted) becomes the property of GeekDrop. If it's found to be incorrect or inappropriate it may be edited by the site staff to make it correct or more family friendly.
  • GeekDrop can not be held liable for the content posted. Please understand that the members and staff of GeekDrop who participate on the site have a wide variety of expertise from novice on up. Any information, suggestions or advice posted on GeekDrop are simply suggestions. Please use your discretion when taking any advice or when directed to any other website or download. GeekDrop has no way of verifying it's members computer knowledge, expertise or reputation.
  • No referral/advertising/spam links are allowed in your signature, avatars, or anywhere else on the site including posts and/or comments, for personal or monetary gain. This includes a link(s) to your own personal website. If you'd like to place a link to your website on GeekDrop, please use the designated field in your personal GeekDrop profile. Placing then anywhere else will cause them to be removed, replaced, and/or possibly have your account deleted (with or without warning, circumstance dependent).
  • When choosing your avatar or signature please make if family friendly and please obey our PG13 rule. We want people of all ages to be able to enjoy GeekDrop.
  • Comments, threads, groups and blogs that are posted on GeekDrop express the views of the author and not necessarily the views of the GeekDrop staff. If you feel that something is posted that is offensive or wrong then we encourage you to report the issue to the staff. You can do that in one of two ways, either click on the "Flag For Review" button posted at the bottom of each comment or thread, or copy the URL of the post and contact one of the staff with why you feel this post needs to be either removed or edited.
  • Giving bad, malicious or intentionally wrong advice can get you not only warned, but possibly banned.
  • GeekDrop can not be responsible for what members do outside of GeekDrop. We ask that you please be mature to each other off site, but we have no control over what takes place outside the confines of GeekDrop. However that does not include if you are caught posting content to other sites, that is already posted on GeekDrop, which may not be posted off site without our permission. See below for more ...
  • There is an exception to the rule above; if you post any content taken from GeekDrop, it must also include a reference to GeekDrop. (i.e. a text/link saying something along the lines of "Taken from"). As long as the content is not from our Premium Area, we encourage you to share information from GeekDrop AS LONG AS it references GeekDrop in it.
  • We reserve the right to suspend/remove or terminate a member, an account or a IP at any time for any reason without any refund given.
  • All PM's (Private Messages) on GeekDrop are 100% private. There is no way that the staff is aware of to view it's members private messages. However, if law enforcement or disputes require it, it may be looked into finding a way to do so, and if required, passed on to the proper authorities.
  • All bannings on GeekDrop will result in no refund of your subscription if you are a Premium Member. Your subscription will also be immediately canceled. GeekDrop tries in every way beforehand to avoid a banning.
  • It is asked that if you are posting content from another website, please read it, and give a summary in your own words and then link to the source at the bottom of your post, rather than a direct copy/paste, or simply a link. And also, if the site requires it, a reference back to them. The GeekDrop staff may edit your post to match our requirements. We are not looking to plagiarize other websites, we want our own unique content.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed on GeekDrop. Creating multiple accounts will in most cases earn a warning with deletion of the extra account(s), and may result in a ban of all of them including your main account.
  • The site is intended for adults and children 13+ only. We do not intentionally or knowingly collect, personally-identifiable information from people under the age of thirteen (13) and we request that individuals under the age of thirteen (13) not view this Website or submit any personal information or Submissions on the Website. Any information that is submitted in profiles or anywhere else on the website if your own, and in the case of children, the parents responsibilites. If any personally identifiable information has been submitted and wished removed, please contact the website admin and it will in most cases be removed.
  • These TOS may be altered at our discretion as necessary.
Should you find any problems on GeekDrop, or any problems or questions with the rules above please contact one of the sites administrators. The site staff is as follows:

(Please use the Private Messaging system first, if trying to contact us, if not a premium member, then use the email address)

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