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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Your Morning Brew

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Many coffee connoisseurs will attest to the fact that freshly ground coffee beans make the best coffee. But how do you choose the best coffee beans to buy? There are a myriad of types of gourmet quality coffee beans to choose from. I hope that you will find these five tips for buying the best quality coffee beans for use in your coffee maker useful.

  • Buy your Beans from Specialty Roasters
    The first step towards buying top quality coffee beans is getting them from a trusted and reputable roaster. Specialty shops are known to roast or grind their beans on a daily basis. Buying your beans from these shops will improve your chances of availing the freshest and most excellent beans. On the other hand, you should always remember to inquire how old the beans are. Reputable coffee shops will be ready to share such information with you.
  • Check the Freshness Date
    If you're buying your beans from a supermarket, check the packaging for any expiry date or the date when the beans were roasted. Equally essential, check the beans themselves and don't use oily beans. Broken Beans or those in the splintered beans bin should also be not used. Don't forget to look for that good and fresh aroma that is appetizing.
  • Beans from the Appropriate Region
    For example, if you enjoy bright coffee that has a fruity undertone, you should choose beans from Kenya. On the other hand, beans from Indonesia make a earthy and bold espresso while those from Brazil have a sleek, nutty flavor that is accompanied with flora undertones. Colombian beans produce a clean and bright cup of Java that is full tasting and rich.
  • Roast Preference
    Your roast preference should also be taken into consideration if you genuinely want to buy the best tasting coffee beans. If you prefer French or Italian Roasts, you should acquire dark roasts. However, those beans are typically subjected to high temperatures and thus much of their authentic flavor is burnt away. Be careful because sometimes disreputable marketers will disguise inferior quality beans by over roasting them to resemble the better quality dark roasts.

    You may also want to get the milder roasts to enjoy the different flavors and undertones. Gentle beans are lightly burnt rather than being scorched like their dark counterparts.

  • Blend in Carefully
    Once you have chosen the roast you want to go with, you almost certainly want to try out the blends. Many specialty coffee shops have their own blends but you can buy standard mixed such as Mocha-java. This is a popular mix made from a mixture of beans from Yemen and Java. Mocha-java is an intriguing blend that has quite a few exceptional attributes. You can also choose to mix your own blend and go on to try something new and different.

After you have decided on and purchased the best coffee beans that you can afford, you must to store the coffee beans properly. It's critical that you seal them in an airtight container and place the container in a cool and dry space. If the beans have been ground and you're not going to use them soon, keep them in the refrigerator to preserve their flavor.

I hope these tips will help you buy the finest beans and provide you with the finest coffee brewing experience to ensure that you get the best flavor out of your coffee beans.

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