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Smelly Stinky Balls!!

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hi this is an seriious question ! no matter how much I wash and scrub my balls start getting smelly pretty fast. I don't want ANY smell on them. How do I get them from being stinky?? and also girls -- is it OK to have some smell on a guys balls, like does it bother you??

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Louisville, KY
p to the izzle
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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

I've learned in my many years that balls will always have some sort of smell to them. They live squished up against thighs wrapped in layers of clothes like some kind of hippie sweat lodge. I'd recommend a good smelling soap like Dr Bronner's liquid soaps sold in health food stores. Beware the mint one. It smells great and really wakes you up but it sure burns the balls.

But really the question is how do you manage to smell your balls? I've tried countless times and can't get my face close enough to smell them.

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!
p to the izzle wrote:

But really the question is how do you manage to smell your balls? I've tried countless times and can't get my face close enough to smell them.

Funny Head Up Butt

My early morning Monday visual of all the guys now scrubbing their balls - I love GeekDrop! ROFL

OK all guys have certain smells, full body and balls. All I can say if find the right woman (or man - hey who is to judge) and they will love you and your sweatty balls. Now if they are smelly cuz your farting to much then that is a different story.

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

 Get a dog they hint that your balls smell woman noses are fricken senitive wash your feet too. Gezzus

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

Scrub them bad boys with some Comet and steel wool! Follow up with a schpritz of Lemony Fresh Pledge! Wink

Shower at least once a day, twice if you workout, soap them Jasper's, let dry well before putting on clothes.

Wear cotten underpant so they breathe, and maybe even powder em' up like an old 17th century aristocratic wig, with some medicated powder. I've heard baby powder = no good; supposedly baby powder itself gets smelly after it gets wet or something. My boys smell as fresh as the early morning dew! Big Grin

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn
Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

STaRDoGG's advice is probably the best, pledge does work wonders.. ROFL No seriously, you can never shower too much to begin with, and I'm sure the smell can't be that bad, if you haven't just finished running a marathon I mean.

Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!
Windex those stank balls

I heard Windex will cure anything

Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

Good suggestion, the berry kind would probably be better than the original though Laughing

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

That wouldn't be an issue for me at all. I love to get between a mans legs when he's been working all day and inhale his manly musky scent. It drives me crazy. It's like some pheromone to me. Or after his gym workout. I think the smell is sexy.

So don't fret bro, some of us enjoy a good pair of ripe man balls.

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

Stinky balls are not OK if you really want to explore and fully enjoy the sex (of any sort). The best solution my partner and I have found is 'taint wash" at (Moderator note: URL removed, site no longer exists)

TaintWash - Taint your nuts, taint your asshole.

We use it all the time, i.e. hiking...sometimes once you reach the top of a mountain and your in the middle of nowhere, you want to climax in a different way. This stuff is great because you don't need any water to rinse it off.

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Re: Smelly Stinky Balls!!

Hey...forget steel wool and windex! Laughing

Seriously Dawn dish detergent cleans the oils from the skin...and much of the odor. I kid you not. Try it. And it doesn't irritate the skin either. Been struggling with this for years.

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